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        About Us
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        Huizhou Longmenhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. production base

        Huizhou Longmen Hongxin Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., headquartered in Longmen, Guangdong Province, is a low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer focusing on the R&D, production and sales of TEIMA brand low-speed electric vehicles. It covers an area of 500,000 m and cooperates with many domestic electric vehicle experts. It has an excellent R&D team in the industry. It plans 16 electric vehicle automation production lines in the future, with an average daily capacity of 1500 vehicles and an annual output of 500,000 vehicles.

        Intensive cultivation of the market, focusing on R&D and manufacturing, has been taking the mission of "creating a brand of low-speed electric vehicles that will make consumers feel happy" as its mission, and the slogan of "being practical and brilliant" as its concept to manufacture safe, practical and affordable low-speed electric vehicles in China. The company owns T30, T70, T62, T90 and other best-selling models, covering four and six, eight tourist cars, low-speed electric four-wheeled scooters, low-speed electric van trucks, low-speed electric pickup trucks, to meet the different needs of consumers, to create more affordable and practical electric vehicles for consumers.

        Let users be proud of using TEIMA brand low-speed electric vehicles!

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        Address: Huizhou, guangdong province, longmen longmen county red industrial zone

        online service

        +86 135 0963 9657