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        Huizhou Longmenhong New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd

        "TEIMA" electric car joining conditions

        "Sincere cooperation, create a better future." In order to better meet the national brand TEIMA low-speed electric vehicles around the sales and service, in line with the principle of win-win cooperation, Huizhou Longmenhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. continue to recruit recognition Longmenhong corporate culture, marketing strategy and a certain strength Local excellent agents to join the "TEIMA" brand low-speed electric vehicle marketing system, go hand in hand, build brilliant!

        First, the basic conditions of agents
        1, stable office space, product showroom, transit warehouse, after-sales service location.
        2, with the local market operating capacity and working capital.
        3, a stable market development, after-sales service team (should not be lower than 3people).


        Name:Manager Xu                                                          
        Call:+86 135 0963 9657

        Name:Manager Lee                                                      
        Call:+86 138 2997 1061

        Name:Manager Han                                                         
        Call:+86 136 3282 4221

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        +86 135 0963 9657